Of Limes and Lemons

Welcome to my personal sanctuary!

Perhaps you may ask, why Limes and Lemons? It is simple, My favorite color is green and next to it, the color yellow. I am quite fascinated with green and yellow combination, in fact I used these colors for my motif during my wedding. I find these two colors very refreshing. And most of all it reminds me of summer which is my favorite season of all.
Now on the other hand, LIMES and LEMONS are both egg to oval shaped, that can be either sour or sweet depending on variety. They both have unique flavonoid compound which are anti-oxidants and contain anti-cancer properties. they are good sources of Vitamin C and best of all above other uses, they are also considered to be powerhouses and used when we want to bring out the best flavor in foods (source : http://www.whfoods.com ).
And there you go, just like LIMES AND LEMONS this is exactly what I have planned for this blog to be: a source of entertainment (anti-oxidant) and information (whether sweet or sour) to anyone who will be able to read this blog, equipped with information so as to be of inspiration and help to others, and just like a powerhouse to bring out the best in every person who will be touched by my words.
And I guess that’s all about it. Mind you, I will still need to learn using hyperlinks, in order for me to have this blog get going.