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Needed a vacation?

Well who wants to have a vacation? I think everyone does. We all want to feel relaxed and de-stressed from our daily routines.

*photo from  psychologytoday.com

Every year when my husband would go on his annual vacation I usually have my plans already laid out.
The minute he was approved with his leave, I would go ahead and check accomodations to wherever we want or planned to go.
The last getaway we had was some kind of a second honeymoon.It was at the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. The city is very special for us.
It is where we “first” met and spent our first entire week together way back 2002, where we had our honeymoon in 2009 and it was quite memorable this time since
from this vacation, our little angel was conceived in 2010. I know that this place will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Planning our vacation is not difficult for me, since my husband likes the laid back type of vacation : no plans, no scheduled activities.
We just want everything to be spontaneous, impromptu. It is easier because we as both adults can manage to adjust to whatever conditions we will encounter during the vacation. I know that it’s going to be different now with the baby, future vacations and getaways needed to be more planned and well executed since a third individual is involved.

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To get more out of our vacation planning process, we need some inputs for vacation ideas, thanks to excellent vacation ideas website by providing some great tips. You can actually get a FREE E-Book where you will learn the secrets in choosing a family vacation that everyone will love and enjoy.
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This awesome site also shares some great tips on things to consider in planning a vacation that everyone in the family will enjoy. It provides some healthy questions a planner needs to answer in order to get the best suitable getaway for the family. From these tips, I learned that the key in determining a perfect vacation for the family is the type of activity that the family wants to do.
Along with that, here are some things to consider as well:
-Are you looking for an active vacation? A relaxing vacation? A mix of
-Is this a budget vacation? Or your Dream vacation you have saved
-What time of year will you travel?
-What types of attractions is the family interested in? History?
Architecture? Theme Parks?
-What destinations will both the adults and the kids enjoy?

*photo from looselippedlassie.com

So, there you go!

I hope that I have shed some light on your planning ideas. For more information, other great tips and fantastic suggestions on yur next vacation you can visit the
The best thing to rememeber in choosing your vacation is : Whatever you will do; wherever you will go, do have FUN!

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party planning checklist

Sometimes planning a party can be a little bit frustrating and stressful. There are so many things to prepare for and sometimes, with a little time. I can say that one of the few things to have a successful party or event is to be prepared in advance and most of all it pays to be organized to be able to overlook all the things needed in order to plan a perfect party or event.
My daughter’s first birthday will be coming in less than 4 months from now. Since I am a stay at home mom, the preparation for this milestone will be added on top of my other mommy duties. As mentioned, proper organization and preparing ahead of time is an advantage.

I have started laying out my plans for my daughter’s party. So far, so good. And of course this is with the help of a very efficient Party Planning Checklist

This Party Planning Checklist is very effective? Why? First, it is very detailed,starting from the Menu Plan, you can enumerate the types of food and recipe to serve starting with appetizers down to the dessert. 

There’s also a portion where you can put the schedule when you will start the preparation. 

Aside from that, a Grocery List is also provided where you can list down all the needed ingredients that you can bring to supermarket trip to do the grocery.

One of the highlights of this Party Planning Checklist is the checklist for the arrangement of tables, chairs, beverage coolers,garbage bags and/or recycle bins. It gives the planner a heads up on how to arrange the layout of the event venue and where to put the necessary but sometimes neglected must-haves of a party or event.

I can give this Party Planning Checklist a thumbs up for providing an organized draft of a party or event. I can say that I will really be using this checklist to plan for my daughter’s party in order to keep everything organized and well executed as planned. 

You can check out this Party Planning Checklist by visiting this SITE. Aside from checklists the site also features other additional planning help like choosing different themes, games,recipes, costumes,party favors and a whole lot more in terms of party ideas. Go ahead and check out this LINK for more information.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

fit and right

Well, we are all conscious with our weight. Actually our food intake ex : calorie intake in every meal dictates the trending of our weight or our weight gain.

Weight gain is a never ending issue most especially for a mom like me. If you are a mom, your ultimate goal is to always go back and maintain your pre-pregnancy weight or much more. I just found out that Del Monte Fit n’ Right launched a CALORIE COUNTER application in Facebook which can be used to count calories and sugar intake in our meals.

The Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Calorie Counter also shows how much calories and sugar you can avoid by drinking Del Monte Fit ‘n Right.

Just using the application gets you a coupon that you can use to claim a free Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Iced Tea which has L-Carninitine and no sugar and calories! Visit any 7-Eleven store, present your coupon and claim your Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Iced Tea with a single purchase of any Del Monte product.

Just log on to Facebook, head to the Del Monte Fit ‘n Right fanpage, install the application, and count away.

elf collection giveaway

So here’s another chance to win an ELF 85-Piece Complete the Look Palette-Limited Edition :
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hairless Ceana

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Pause muna for contest blogs, let’s get more personal this time…
taken Sept 6, 2011-her 8th month birthday
I was thinking if I will post my daughter’s pictures here in my blog. Actually I have mentioned and discussed her and my husband in my other blog which I chose to be more personal. For some reasons, I was just contemplating if in some ways I will be violating her privacy in doing so. 
However, I have read and followed some blogs which features their children and I said ” Why not?di naman ako artista?”hahaha
So there you go… and in fact it is really a mom’s joy to share to the world her daughter…
this is me when I was almost the same age
Well my (now 8month-old) daughter Ceana is still hairless. Well not REALLY bald but she has thin hair. 
It may be due to genes, because both my husband and I were hairless when we were babies. 
But many say that eventually(when?) her hair will grow, so no fears, no worries for me.
As much as I wanted to buy her clips and accessories, I became limited to headbands. I am doing this because for the times that she is not wearing one she was mistaken to be a boy even if she’s wearing a dress already!
 I don’t feel bad, but it’s natural to sometimes feel awkward to get questions like “boy or girl?” or “girl sya?” even if she’s wearing pink or red!(eyes rolling!) 
To my consolation, a highschool batchmate who’s based in Canada whom I get to interact with on Facebook also share the same experiences with her daughter. And so I think, it is not really the culture but ‘how really the way things are’. So be it.
Bunny Baby, her Dad’s favorite
Through time I got used to the comments and I’m not bothered anymore (actually I was never bothered, I was just surprised). So here now I just wanted to share my favorites-headpieces of Ceana (a.k.a. her headbands).
Ceana and her bandanna with long curly hair
I call her Baby Girl Swee’Pea, (Popeye’s original Swee’Pea’s a male)…

hello kitty kitchen set giveaway

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collective NYX haul

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i wanna have these…

Butterfly Twists. These shoes started in UK in 2009 and has reached different parts of the world now. Known for its lightweight and ultra-comfy style, these flats can be worn everyday to replace your heels without sacrificing style. All of the designs have an innovative twist, it has a patented fold-away design and you can twist and fold it down small enough to fit your bags. It comes with a drawstring bag making it easier to carry anywhere, everywhere.
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Aranaz in Dailyfashionista

Handbags are a girl’s bestfriend, who wouldn’t want to own one, most especially if it is a good quality one.
Aranaz is a trademark of a proudly Filipino made line of handbags which started in 1998. The brand which is operated by mother-daughter tandem is quite known for its good quality and for extensive use of native and locally based materials to adorn their designs.
I was happy to see that for Dailyfashionista‘s Second Anniversary she’s giving away an Aranaz handbag : 

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